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f you compare learning to the endless prairie, then the book is the wooden pole of ascension; if life is a dark cave, then the book is the night light leading the way; if human development, social progress is an endless stretch of stairs , Then books are the driving force to speed up the process. Books are like a stream of fresh water, a beam of sunlight, which slowly flows into the heart of the person; it also turns into a clanging iron fist, waving, attacking the gray books around the world is the enlightenment of wisdom, recalling when I was a child, I was introduced to the world of reading It is "Dream of the Wolf King". When it was opened, it was attracted by the content of the book, and it seemed that the souls were all hooked. I was indignant for the mother wolf Zi Lan's family, so destiny was so ruthless, not even a wolf family! The dream of the female wolf Zi Lan-to make her children the king of wolves, but turned into a bubble again and again on the turntable of fate. The hard-working mother eventually buried in the cliff Cigarettes For Sale. Although they are animals, they are also souls with feelings and senses. The plot of the book is ups and downs, and it is admirable. Later, reading the works of Teacher Shen one after another, they were all moved by the faithful love of animals, which led to many thoughts: animals also feel people Online Cigarettes, people think, people love. And human beings claim to be "Earth King", is it the lack of love between animals in Teacher Shen's novels? After all, the novel is a novel, and it needs my research. I will search for information from the questions raised in the book, and observe the things around me carefully. Perhaps it was the seeds that were planted earlier that were quietly sprouting in Xintian. My interest in reading has only increased, but I am also heading for a larger field, like seeking treasure from the crust. Shocked by Li Baizhi's "Flying Down Three Thousand Feet, It Is Suspected that the Milky Way Has Fallen Nine Heavens"; Same as Du Fu's "Will be Lingling to See the Mountains and Small Mountains"; Although in "Look at the past with a soft sigh," I always believe Happy days will come "; Sun Wukong is making troubles in the heavenly palace, kicking the heavenly soldiers, striking the heavens and raising his eyebrows! Xiangzi fell into his own heart, mingled with ghosts, and felt dark; children's embroidery was unable to stop domestic violence, drifting with the waves, and extremely worried; the Mayan civilization disappeared with suspicions; the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was always like a knife in the heart; Eugenie Cheap Cigarettes. The innocence and sadness of Grand Terrace are like broken glass stuck in my heart ... my emotions are flat with the plot of the book, so that I have rich feelings, deep thoughts and a vast world, and I am in the world of the book. Talk to the noble literati and sail in the rippling boats to find the golden house, Yan Ruyu. Oh, intoxicating! Ah, it ��s so beautiful. Many writers of literary writers invariably take reading as their biggest goal. For creation, they eat grass, and squeeze out tears, milk, and blood, saving countless souls who wander. The book is still medicine, and good reading can cure folly. It is necessary to read the book well, read it well, read the book well, and let the essence of time to wash away the soul. The wisdom of the predecessors enriches itself, and the seawater of wisdom infiltrate every cell of the body. Oh, read! Read for yourself! Read to fill your soul! Read for your own thoughts! No matter where and when, please bring books and bring your best friend, ex
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