Important Elements of a Prepare for Population Health Improvement

The Population health management definition may vary slightly depending on the source. It is generally defined as the “coordination of care delivery across a population to improve clinical and financial outcomes, through disease management, case management and demand management.” As can be seen from the definition, this type of system impacts all aspects of patient care.

Understanding Population Health Management (PHM)

Those without knowledge of data management in a medical facility may ask the question, health management llc? To be useful, a PHM system must reach the public and get them involved. Public interaction is necessary as they will need play a role in the containment of health conditions or improvement in observable trends. If there is a concentration of mosquito borne diseases, then the public needs to help implement methods to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Implementation of community-wide health and wellness programs are also part of a public intervention that is necessary under population health management programs.

Elements of Good PHM

A simple and easy to understand population health definition is the way to “maintain and improve the health status of the entire population and to reduce inequities in the health status between population groups.” To achieve this, there are certain elements of a PHM that are integral to the success.

One key element is to use the data available from clinical data warehouses to help in understanding trends in illnesses and finding the right treatment options for those most at risk in the population. Population health management enables access to large databases of medical research and information on clinical trials. There is also information on new medications to help improve healthcare offerings to patients. Another factor of importance is that electronic records in data storage facilities can be used to deliver services to the sections of the population that need it most. It also connects patients with the resources available to them in their health program.

For population health management systems to work, it is important that the right tools are available to enable full integration of healthcare information. These information technology systems must also be able to help in getting needed services to those most in need, while helping to lower health care delivery costs. The implementation of population health management requires collaboration among various groups in the society such as social services, public health organizations and even the school community. The various facets of this type of endeavor make it impossible for one agency to successfully implement such a system.


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