If you can’t download data from WM3000N to your computer (USB type)

  • Make sure the base (with the handset) is not communicating with other software at the same time.
  • Make sure the handset or the base is powered on. (Check if the display of the handset shows “Cradle Detected” message or data and time.)
  • The handset with batteries placed in the base can function without DC adaptor also, but in that case the handset will be turned off after 30 seconds (default setting time) automatically to save power. Press and hold the left button until beeps are heard to power on the handset or connect DC adaptor with the base as power supply.
  • Make sure the “Comm. Port” selection in the software is correct.
  • Make sure the password is correct. If you lose the password, see If you don’t remember the password of WM3000N.
  • Make sure the driver is installed.
  • If you have installed the driver, once the base is connected with your computer, go to [Control Panel]\ [System]\ [Hardware]\ [Device Manager]\ [Ports (COM & LPT)] and see if “Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM number)” appears. “Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM number)” showing indicates the driver is installed correctly. However, if (1) “Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM number)” doesn’t appear (2) “Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM number)” appears with an exclamation mark, or (3) it shows “USB Device” with an exclamation mark, see How do you remove the old driver and install the new driver (USB type) to remove the driver and install the driver again.
  • The older driver may not be able to support the newer WM3000N base. If “Promag USB232/422/485 (COM number)”appears under [Device Manager]\ [Ports (COM & LPT)], it indicates the older driver is installed. Contact GIGA-TMS for the latest driver. Then see How do you remove the old driver and install the new driver (USB type).
  • Make sure there are not Bluetooth devices installed in your computer.
  • Make sure USB port of your computer is workable. Try to use different USB port to connect the base with your computer or test USB port with other USB devices.
  • Try the other base if you have more than one base.
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