If there is no data output when the card is presented to the reader that connects with WEC200-01

  • Make sure the reader supports Wiegand interface.
  • Set the reader to Wiegand interface if it is necessary to set.
  • Make sure the wire connection between WEC200-01 and the reader is correct. (Pin 1: +12V, Pin 2: +5V, Pin 3: GND, Pin 4: Data 0, Pin 5: Data 1.)
  • Make sure the communication between WEC200-01 and the software Time Recorder Utility is successful.
  • Use Windows built-in program HyperTerminal (Start\ All Programs\ Accessories\ Communications\ HyperTerminal) to test by using TCP/IP connection. Note: The “Host address” and “Port number” in HyperTerminal must be set the same as “IP-address” and “Port” in “WEC200 Properties” of the software Time Recorder Utility.
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