If the connection is failed and “The device failed to reply to the computer’s command. Either the device is currently offline, or you have selected the wrong COMM port” message appears in the software TR515 Tool/TR510 Tool (for RS232 interface type)

  • Make sure TR515/TR510 is powered on.
  • Make sure the “Comm. Port” selection in the software is correct.
  • If you have set the machine ID for TR515/TR510 in the software TR515 Tool/TR510 Tool, make sure the machine ID is set correctly. It needs the particular steps to set machine ID. See “Adding new Machine ID” instruction of the section “Appendix F. Installation”(or “Appendix E. Installation”) in TR515/TR510 users manual for the correct procedure to add the time recorder and set its machine ID.
  • Change the other computer to try.
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