Is it possible to run the software TR515 Tool/TR510 Tool and download the data automatically at an assigned time whenever your computer boots

Follow the steps as below.

  1. Go to “Scheduled Tasks” (Start\ Programs\ Accessories\ System Tools\ Scheduled Tasks).
  2. Double-click “Add Scheduled Task”.
  3. Click [Next]. 
  4. Select “TR515” (or “TR510”) item and then click [Next]. tr51x_04_12_02.jpg
  5. Select the option you want the task to perform and then click [Next]. For example, set it to “When my computer starts”.
  6. Enter the user name (“Power User” account or above is recommended) and his/her password. Then click [Next].
  7. Click [Finish].
  8. Right-click “TR515.job” (or “TR510.job”) schedule task that is just created in [Scheduled Tasks] window and click [Properties]. tr51x_04_12_06.jpg
  9. Under [Task] tab, add the command  /TS:ONCE in [Run] box. Example, C:\PROGRA~1\GIGA-TMS\TR515\TR515.exe /TS:ONCE (or C:\PROGRA~1\GIGA-TMS\TR510\TR510.exe /TS:ONCE)  Then click [Apply] and click [OK].
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