When using “In/Out Schedule” table in the software TR515 Tool/TR510 Tool (or “Event Table” in the software Time Recorder Utility) to schedule In/Out, the designated mode is not locked (user can still select In/Out mode). Is there a way to lock IN and OUT

TR515/TR510 will not lock In/Out mode when using In/Out Schedule table (or Event Table). We consider that sometimes the special situations between In and Out events may occur. For example, it is set to “In” event at 13:00 and changed to “Out” event at 17:00. However, a staff needs to leave the office at 15:00 for the accident. At the moment, TR515/TR510 allows him/her to press OUT button manually to switch it to “Out” mode. The mode will be automatically changed back to “In” in 5 seconds.

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