If you want to set/change IP address for TR515/TR510

For Ethernet interface type, follow the steps as below.

  1. Connect TR515/TR510 with Hub via WAS-1499 cable.
  2. Power on TR515/TR510.
  3. Disable the firewall and antivirus program in your computer!
  4. Open the software DS Manager (Start\Programs\Tibbo Terminal Server Toolkit\Tibbo DS Manager). Find your TR515/TR510 on the “Auto-Discovery” list. (Default IP address of TR515/TR510 is “”.)
  5. Click your TR515/TR510 on the list and click [Change IP].
  6. Enter an available IP address and then click [OK]. Once IP address is changed successfully, the status icon of your TR515/TR510 on DS Manager’s list will become blue.


For RS232 interface type, it uses the serial port for communication, not IP address. It doesn’t need to set IP address.

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