If you want that the specific cards can be accepted by TR4030 and other cards can be rejected by TR4030 under the normal mode

The “Prefix to match” setting allows you to restrict the cards whose leading ID-code matches the prefix string accepted by TR4030. It allows you to set the prefix string for 0~16 digits. If “Prefix to match” is set to “123”, TR4030 will accept the cards whose leading ID-code is “123”, such as “1234584210”, “1235678093” and will reject the cards whose leading ID-code is not “123”, such as “2468913570”, “1521014024”. Set “Prefix to match” by the following steps. Present (Swipe) Master Card to TR4030 to enter the menu of programming mode. Then select [Setup]->[Advanced…]->[Internal reader]->[Prefix to match]. Press F4 key to enter and then set the prefix string with the keypad. If you want to erase the prefix string you just entered, press F3 key. After the prefix string is entered, press F4 key to confirm and then press F1 key to exit.

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